So far!

So far!
Our Doctors had spent 60 hours of self-less service since we started on April 2, 2015. We have had 1245 patient visits, who were given medical advice and free medicines. We recently started free testing for diabetes.

Going forward!
We are committed to run our weekly clinic at Raheja Vihar. We are also thinking of introducing a token fee of Rs. 10/ 20 per patient to manage crowds and to ensure people with genuine ailments are treated. We are working to introduce Pap Smear & Bone Mineral Density testing at our clinic.

An appeal!
This festive season, please do consider sending a contribution to Sukrta, as we strive to light up homes that need help and put them on the path to a healthier year ahead.

Text or WhatsApp +91 97697 78884. Write to us : [email protected] or visit us at:

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