Read before you write the cheque

We are in the midst of a nation wide pandemic that continues to affect people with the same level of intensity as it did a  whole year ago. If  you are employed with any essential service sector, my heartfelt gratitude, we are Sukrta and the entire nation appreciate all you are doing. You make a commitment to serve everyday and it makes all the difference in the world.

On the topic of serving society, if you are considering making a donation to us or any or any other charity for that matter- don’t do it! Yes, first, please ensure that you have paid your maids in full irrespective of whether they worked or not. As they say, charity begins at home, so let’s start with our immediate house-helps first.

After this, should you feel like doing more good, do contribute to a cause of your choice.


How much of my donation will actually reach the beneficiary?

Fortunately, considering most  of our donors trust us, we don’t get asked this question. But, we can only imagine that every donor has this doubt in mind. So here we are answering this not-so-frequently-asked question.

The answer is simple, 100%. Yes, 100% of your donation will go towards the cause.

From this financial year onwards, every single public donation shall go directly towards the cause. Our general overheads shall be borne by donations from the founders, friends or some select donors. But, every rupee of the public donors’ money will reach underprivileged, fully. That’s our promise.

Our commitment, and your money, fully towards the cause.



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