Trust us, ‘doing good’ is easy.


A review of research by the Corporation for National and Community Service shows that those who aid the causes they value tend to be happier and in better health. They show fewer signs of physical and mental aging. And it’s not just that helpful people also tend to be healthier and happier; helping others causes happiness. “Be selfless, if only for selfish reasons” ~Gretchen Rubin

As we have just started, with limited experience, we need committed and passionate volunteers for :

  • helping us design the website, work on our Facebook page,
  • assisting us in weaving the magic of our work in words, putting our passion on paper, reviewing our web content
  • suggesting and evaluating projects which can help the society.

If you have some 10 hours to spare, from the comfort of your home, over a period of a month or two, contact us at [email protected] . This means even if you can spare 2 hours on a weekend, you can volunteer with us. 

Spread the word

So you don’t have time (or money) to spare, but still want to do good?

No worries! Spread the word by liking our Facebook page and talking about it.

Volunteer Speaks
Here’s what one of our volunteers, Shaurya, has to say…


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