Sukrta is currently working towards sponsoring the school fees of underprivileged kids, mainly our domestic help’s wards. There are many parents belonging to a low income group who strive to make sure their kids enjoy all the opportunities they might have been denied as children for whatever reasons. In that effort they send their kids to local Hindi/regional language/English medium schools where the tuition fee is roughly 15000-30000 per annum. Many a times when they face shortage of funds they are forced to borrow money at exorbitant rates of interest or in extreme circumstances pull their kids out of school. We would like to minimize the possibility of young willing minds losing out the chance to a brighter future simply due to monetary crises.

Should you feel like contributing in part or full towards enhancing a child’s possibilities to a future that parallels their caliber, feel free to donate to our ‘Help your Help’ initiative.

Although we try, as much as possible, to pay the fee either directly to the school, in the case of the school not accepting bank transfers, we handover the money to a parent to make the subsequent payment to the school.

You can contribute as little or as much as you desire. We strongly urge you to consider being a regular donor to Sukrta. You can contribute some amount every month or send us donation on events in your family say birthdays, anniversaries, etc. You can spread the word over social media or donate quietly and anonymously.


Note: Please don’t forget to drop us an email ([email protected] ) or WhtasApp us ( 97697 78884 ) after you make a donation. Many a times, we don’t get any donor details with the money transfers. Thanks 

Please refer to Terms & Conditions before making a Donation.
Direct Bank Transfers

NAME                                     SUKRTA FOUNDATION
ACCOUNT NUMBER          34275244952 (Current Account )
IFSC CODE                            SBIN0011752
BANK                                      STATE BANK OF INDIA

Online Payment - PayTM

Scan the Paytm code and donate


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Donations can also be sent by accessing this site –     and following the under-noted steps:

i) Click the check box  at the bottom of the page if you accept the terms and conditions mentioned therein and click ‘Proceed’

ii) Select ‘Maharashtra’ from drop down Menu against – ‘State of Corporate/Institution’

iii) Select ‘Charitable Institutions’ from drop down Menu against – ‘Type of Corporate/Institution’ and click ‘Go’

iv) Select ‘Sukrta Foundation‘ from drop down Menu against – ‘Charitable Institutions Name’ and click ‘submit’

v) Select ‘Donation’ from drop down Menu – ‘Select Payment Category’

vi) Complete the details and submit. Thereafter you can follow self guiding Menu and complete the process of donation.

Donations made to Sukrta Foundation are now exempt under section 80G of Income Tax Act, 1961 vide Order Number CIT(E)/80G/1327(2015-16) 2016-17 Dated 19.09.2016. Sukrta’s PAN Number is AAOTS4081P

into-the-wildIf you are not comfortable with electronic money transfer or have any more questions about donation, please text us at  97697 78884, we will make it easy for you. 



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