How can you help?


Thanks to all those who contacted us saying ‘count me in’ , ‘how can I help’. It’s overwhelming to get these messages from strangers, friends and relatives. Our gratitude to all and this reaffirms our belief that goodness can be spread.

I think there are many ways you can get associated with us.


We shall need help to execute projects and make this a sustainable effort. But, at this point, to begin, we are not seeking any financial help. As we are setting up, we shall be doing it through our own resources for setting up, execute some projects, administrative expenses and all. Once we do some projects and we are sure that we can handle this, we will start accepting donations. So please save the amount you intend to contribute and keep a  tab on us.

Time and Effort:

This is our first such venture and we are learning. So, any idea, help is welcome. We need ideas to execute, knowledge about projects, how to identify the genuinely needy ones. We are also looking for people who can help us spread awareness through technological means. Help in the form of editing the content, design of or website is also welcome. Once we identify a project, we shall be glad if you can join us in executing it. We want to start with looking for needy kids, in and around powai, where we can support their school fees so that they don’t drop out because of inability to pay fee. So any kind of ideas or assistance is welcome.

You can drop us an email  at [email protected] . You can also ‘Like’ our Facebook page and drop a message there.

Do good, feel good.



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