A small beginning..

It’s been a really long time since I started thinking about ‘doing good’ in a structured way. I have been doing my bit for the society in some form or other, but it lacked consistency. So here I am with this trust – Sukrta Foundation.

Name of this trust – Sükrtā ( a sanskrit word which means a good deed ) – sums its mission. Our mission is “To support educational, medical and other needs of children growing up in poverty and to motivate people to do good” .

In short, through this trust, all we want is to:

  1. do good
  2. motivate others to do good. 

We could have quietly achieved our first purpose without making this trust, without telling (or boasting as some may call it) about it. But our second purpose – to motivate others to do good – is what led to the birth of this NGO. I can’t claim to be an experienced philanthropist or someone knowing psyche of people but my limited experience of giving tells me that when you share having done a good deed, it just doesn’t stop there. Every shared ‘good deed’ comes with a dual benefit. It makes the doer feel good and somewhere it leaves others with a thought that not a bad idea to try it sometime. Whenever I shared my ‘giving plans’ with friends and colleagues, I came across with many (or few) saying ‘count me in’; some even surprised by contributing time and money which magnified the whole plan.

Having said this, I am also apprehensive if I can sustain this initiative. Funds, limited funds, will always be a challenge. I also worry what if , few years down the line, I don’t feel the same and this whole ‘joy of giving’ doesn’t bring the same joy. Still, till the time, the intent to do good is there, this shall go on. I am also hopeful, some months or years down the line, I may come across people who are even more motivated to do good, keen to join us, and that inturn keeps us going.

So, as I said, this is a small beginning for a hopefully long journey.

do good; feel good



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