Get involved.

I would like to thank you all for being kind to Sukrta Foundation. My heartfelt gratitude. I have got emails asking ‘What can we do for you”. I have texts and emails asking our bank account number for money tranfser. This is really heartwarming and overwhelming.
Let me try answering this frequently asked question – “How can I help Sukrta” ?
Money: At this point we are not accepting any contributions. Let us execute few projects with our own money. Let us be be sure that we can put your money to a good deed better than you can do by your own. Till then, please save this money for us.
Website: However, you can cerainly help us by checking the content of our website and pass on suggestions to us. You can also help us in improving design of the website.
Ideas: Do let us know if you got some innovative ideas for a project or a way to generally motivate people to do good. Any idea is welcome.
Volunteering : In case you are in Mumbai and have got few days to spare, let us know, we will work together on some projects.
Spreading the word:  Yes, please do this generously. Like our page on facebook. Invite your family and friends to Like our facebook page. Talk about Sukrta. Be generous in spreading the goodness. 
Do Good. Feel Good.

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