Well begun and going strong!

A bit of background

What started as a simple, organized route to do some good for our society, or repay even, turned into something bigger in a most unexpected way.

But let me begin at the beginning. We all do our small acts of kindness in our own way; whenever we get a chance. But I always use to wonder there is a bit of reluctance and irregularity when it comes to ‘giving’ while we are consistent and always ready to ‘receive’. Also, while our money investments are systematic our investments in humanity are bit forced upon us.

Perhaps this made me think that I must set-up a trust and announce it in public. May be bit of regulations, public and society pressure and willingness to do good, will make me a ‘regular do gooder’ .

My own selfish motive of starting Sukrta Foundation is very well summed up in the research by the Corporation for National and Community Service. This research confirms that those who support the causes they value tend to be happier and healthier. They show fewer signs of physical and mental ageing. The sheer experience of providing happiness to others is very gratifying, to say the least.

So what better way to be happy and healthy than by doing good. And I started, Sukrta Foundation. By the way, ‘sukrta’ is a Sanskrit word meaning good or righteous deed. We began with loads of good intentions, a modest capital, equal part optimism and naiveté. We started the process of registering this trust in June 2014 and we got our registration under Charity Commissioner of Maharashtra in December 2014 – a long wait but got it.

Our first project

In April 2015, we started working on our first project, which was to provide better and cheaper medical aid to the underprivileged people like domestic helps, security guards, drivers, construction workers et al, living in our surrounding. Thus we started our first project – Help those, who help us.

We are sponsoring a free medical clinic in Raheja Vihar, Powai, Mumbai once a week since April 2015. Our aim is to provide quality medical facilities to the weaker section namely domestic helps, guards and other people. We have tied-up with a qualified MBBS Doctor who is attending to these patients and also dispensing basic medicines free of cost.

So far, till June 2, 2015 we have organized around 20 hours of free clinic and have helped ~350 needy patients. We are working towards engaging more doctors so that the clinic can be extended for more days and later in other areas as well.

Vikas Goel

For more details, contact us at 97697 78884, write to us at [email protected] or visit our website www.sukrta.org


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