To support educational, medical and other needs of people growing up in poverty and to motivate people to do good.

About the trust:

Sukrtā is a sanskrit word meaning good or righteous deed. This is what summarises the philospohy behind this trust. Sukrta Foundation is a Powai, Mumbai based trust which started in 2014.

Why this trust:

We are setting up this trust as a token of gratitude towards the society we live in. We feel that we are blessed and comparatively better placed to do good and give something back to this society. We also believe that the more we do good, the more we feel good and when we talk about doing good, we can motivate others as well.


Surinder Gupta, Co Founder.


More about Surinder

Seema Goel, Co Founder.


Seema is a Mumbai based nutritionist.

Vikas Goel, Co Founder.


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205-B, Lakeside, Raheja Vihar, Powai. Mumbai – 400072


[email protected]